Free Appraisal for Childcare Centres

Contact Advance Business Brokers at here and Angela or one of her associates will be happy to provide you with an appraisal for your centre and property if applicable.

The appraisal will take into account the latest trends in pricing in the Childcare industry and will aim at achieving the highest possible return for the years of work and money as owner you have invested into the business.

Sale of Childcare Centres

See attached document – Selling information for vendors

Advice on Preparing your Business for Sale
Your accountant should be consulted to ensure your financial documentation is presented in the best possible light for sale. 
Make sure: Any personal expenses if part of your profit & loss statement are clearly noted by your accountant
Have the last two financial years accounts – from your accountant ready for viewing
If past the 6 month point of the financial year have interim profit & loss available
Childcare centres sell for a multiple of net profit so the higher the net profit including normal commercial add-backs the higher the sale price
Businesses will not sell where there is not a good lease term left. This would normally be considered at least 10 yrs for a Childcare centre
Banks will only lend over the term of the lease so if you can arrange to have additional options added to prior to sale the better for sale
Ensure the business is presented in the best possible manner, like a house sale the premises should look their best

How to Buy a Childcare Centre

See attached guide – Buying a childcare centre below
Organise with your Accountant what entity is to be used for your Business purchase. You cannot sign a contract until you have your entity organised.
Contact your Bank/finance broker prior to making an offer to establish your level of borrowing
Organise your Provider number as soon as you decide to buy a Childcare business
Check with the Department of Community if you have any Childcare Qualifications or experience if they are recognised and at what level/position you can work in the Centre

Guide to Buying a Childcare Centre

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